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The Ultimate Destination for Pet Lovers who enjoy the Great Outdoors.

At Una Rakki, we understand the joy of spending time outside with our furry friends. That's why we've created a pet boutique that caters to the needs of pets and their owners who love to explore the outdoors. Our boutique offers high-quality, specialized products to ensure that your pets are safe and comfortable while enjoying nature's beauty. Additionally, we provide professional grooming services, as well as self-service washes using the same high-quality products.

Come and experience the unique world of Una Rakki!

Funny portrait of a welsh corgi pembroke dog showering with shampoo.  Dog taking a bubble bath in grooming salon.
Dog Groomer Clipping a Dog's Toe Nails

Pet Wellness Menu

Dog with a Beauty Mask
A Close Up of Domestic Dog in Costume Outdoors

Grooming Services

Professional grooming services are available, along with self-serve washing stations.

Pet Products

Premium Grooming and Care Products for Your Beloved Pets.

Outdoor Safety Equipment

Experience Nature with Your Best Friend and Keep Them Secure!

Pet friendly workspace

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